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Tech Support Merchant Account

Article provided by: JJS Global, Inc.

Tech Support Merchant Account

What You Need To Know About A Tech Support Merchants Account

Business ownership is part of the American dream. Often, a company will open and not find out that they are “high-risk”. Your company may be considered a terminated merchant. This means your previous merchant service dropped you due to excessive chargebacks. It may just be the nature of the business you are in.

In some cases, a bank will not underwrite your company which they must do if you want to be able to accept credit cards as payment.

Here are some examples of businesses the bank may consider high-risk:

Adult entertainment companies

Travel companies

The weather plays a big factor in this industry. Banks do not want to deal with the chargebacks when a flight is canceled.

High-interest Payday loan companies

Multi-level marketing businesses

Companies owned by someone with a poor credit score

Businesses that sell high-end and very expensive items or services

Tech Support Merchant Account

In 2012 the United States FTC shut-down many tech support companies. Many others were heavily fined. The US banks will no longer provide merchant accounts to any company that offers online technical support. In fact, there are banks abroad that do carry merchant accounts that are high risk, yet they will not provide a tech support merchant account.

What to do and What not to do

Before you set up your accounts with a bank, speak with an expert. Consult your accountant or your banker. Explain your company and the services and products you will be providing. Ask the banker or accountant directly, if your business will be classified as a high-risk business.

Once you determine if your business is a high-risk merchant, start researching your options. Look for an industry leader in high-risk accounts.

Do not set-up an account knowing that it will get shut-down in the not too distant future. While this may get your foot in the door, soon enough the high-risk factors will begin to show. Your accounts will be canceled and closed.

This can affect your ability to accept credit card payments, ship merchandise, and service clients. Instead, begin with a high-risk tech support company. They will underwrite your company and help you accept various forms of payments. They continually monitor payment portals to ensure your business is not disrupted.

This will be much easier than trying to conduct business while addressing closed accounts and pending payments. You must also consider the impact this can have on your clients and customers. In this day and age, people do not expect to have problems paying with their credit cards. You need to have an alternate plan of action if you have your accounts in a system that does not cater to you.


It is true that there probably will be higher fees associated with these accounts. However, by being proactive you can either build the fees into your pricing or decide to pass them onto your customer as a service or payment fee.

We live in a virtual world. Everyone uses computers to purchase services and products. Almost everyone pays with credit cards or online payment services. If you are in a high-risk business you need to have a good relationship with your tech support company. The longer you wait to establish this relationship, the more it will cost you.


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